Hi, I’m Alison and the proud owner of this gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Winnie!

Winnie is now 4, and we’ve had her since she was 10 weeks old. Similarly to becoming a parent, owning a dog, comes with a huge learning curve! I had no idea about anything when we first got her – just snippets of info from friends, about bits and pieces we would need, but when you start to look at these ‘bits and pieces’ there is so much of it out there!!

I can’t tell you how much dog stuff I have bought that has been a waste of time, a waste of money, broken easily, or not done the job – I’ve definitely made purchase mistakes and learnt a lot!

This led me to create A Dog Deserves. Every dog deserves the best – I’m sure you’d agree for your pooch. And what I want to achieve is simple to understand buying guides, with the best products for what YOUR DOG needs – and deserves.

Along with some other useful dog information, and some fun stuff, like, choosing names, artwork and things to indulge your pet when you want to!