101 Disney Inspired Dog Names

By Alison Angold

Photo by David Guerrero from Pexels.  Cinderellas castle at Walt Disney World, with a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

Choosing a name for your new pup should not be taken lightly, but it can be a difficult decision to make. There’s so much to consider; how it sounds for re-call, what breed your dog is, what colour, shape and size and the actual character of the dog!

If you’re a Disney fan – and who isn’t – and love the movies and characters, then a Disney inspired dog name, could be just what you are looking for, for your furry friend!

Naturally, there are the obvious Disney dogs; Pluto, Goofy, Lady and Tramp, but here we look a little deeper – at some well known and loved characters, and some less known, but that still make a perfect name for your pooch! Your dog deserves a great name, and a Disney inspired dog name is perfect choice.

101 Disney Inspired Dog Names

Disney Inspired Male Dog Names

1. Jiminey

Pinocchio’s faithful sidekick – surname Cricket – can be shortened to Jim, for ease and would suit a cheeky small breed such as a Maltese, Miniature Pinscher or a Toy Poodle.

2. Geppetto

Akin to the lovely elderly man that made Pinocchio, Gepetto would suit a stately, well mannered dog, such as Golden Retriever, Labrador or German Shepard.

3. Figaro

So, Figaro was a cat in the Pinocchio, but sounds great as a dog name too.

4. Thumper

Bambi’s pal makes a great name for either a larger dog breed, like a Newfoundland or English Mastiff, or a happy tail waging dog, like a Cocker Spaniel!

5. Remus

Uncle Remus from Song of the South, was a gentle, kindly man. It makes a good a name for a friendly, docile dog breed like a Saint Bernard, Golden Retriever, or a Great Dane.

6. Gus

A brilliant short name for a dog, after the helpful, faithful mouse in Cinderella.  What better name for your faithful friend. I’m picturing a Maltese, Daschund or Fox Terrier!

7. Bruno

A loveable bloodhound, and another faithful servant of Cinderella, Bruno makes a great name for any dog, but particularly a large dog

8. Skippy

Another playful, fun name, named after Robin Hoods young protégé. Skippy makes a ideal name for a small, fun, active dog!

9. Smee

The loveable pirate, and Captain Hooks right hand man in Peter Pan, Smee, is an unusual name for a dog.

10. Jock

The Scottish terrier in The Lady & the Tramp, Jock makes a great name for any terrier, or any small dog breed.

11. Trusty

You cant go wrong with a dog called Trusty! The loveable, docile dog in The Lady & the Tramp, this will suit a larger, easy going dog.

12. Horace

The funny – and harmless – henchman of Cruella de Vil, Horace is a great name for any dog breed.

13. Jasper

Another of Cruella de Vil henchman, Jasper is another brilliant name for your pooch!

14. Colonel

The old English Sheepdog from 101 Dalmatians, Colonel would make a great name for a larger dog; Old English Sheepdog, Bearded Collie or Tibetan Terrier.

15. Arthur

The young boy – who of course becomes king – in The Sword in the Stone, Arthur is a good, human name for a dog.   

16. Merlin

The wizard from The Sword in the Stone, gives your dog a magical Disney name.

17. Archimedes

What an unusual and brilliant name for your beloved pup, Archimedes is the wise owl and Merlin’s sidekick in The Sword in The Stone.

18. Bert

The jack of all trades from Mary Poppins, Bert is a wonderful, old-mans name for your dog!

19. Baloo

The loveable bear from Jungle Book, Baloo, would suit a larger breed dog, like a Rottweiler, Flat Haired Retriever or a Neapolitan Mastiff.

20. Louie

The king of the swingers, from The Jungle Book, Louie is a fun, cheeky name for your small dog or puppy.

21. Toulouse

The cute kitten from The Aristocats, Toulouse is a lovely sophisticated name for your dog too.

22. Berlioz

Another artistic name from The Aristocats, Berlioz is another cultured dog name.

23. O’malley

The loveable alley cat who comes the The Aristocats rescue, O’malley is a unusual name for any dog breed, but I’m picturing an adorable scruffy pooch!

24. Napolean

Another Disney bloodhound from The Aristocats.  A great high-brow, distinguished dog name.

25. Orville

The loyal, friendly seagull, that helped The Rescuers get home, Orville will make a good name for your loyal, furry friend.

26. Bernard

Such a loveable character, Bernard is one of The Rescuers, and a good name for your male dog. The obvious breed is a St Bernard but try it for your Bulldog, Vizla or Beagle.

27. Copper

The loveable bloodhound from The Fox and The Hound, Copper makes a cute name for you small or medium dog – especially if the colouring is copper, apricot or tan.

28. Todd

The fox from the Fox and The Hound, Todd would suit a foxy looking dog, like a Cocker Spaniel or a Shiba Inu.

29. Chief

An Irish wolfhound, again, from The Fox and The Hound, Chief sounds like a responsible, older dogs name – a dog that would really take care of you!

30. Basil

I love this name for a dog!! The Great Mouse Detective, Basil is wonderful name to give your dog!

31. Fidget

Such an unusual name, Fidget is the villainous, wicked, bat from The Great Mouse Detective, and would make a good name for a cheeky, naughty, playful pup!

32. Sebastian

The crab from The Little Mermaid. Try it for your Basset Hound, Pointer, or Collie.

33. Scuttle

The scatty seagull from The Little Mermaid, Scuttle is a good name for a mixed breed dog, or a playful, active dog.

34. Lefou

Literally translated this means The Mad!  Great for your cheeky, active playful dog, like Springer Spaniels or Retrievers.

35. Chip

The cute little tea cup from The Beauty and the Beast, Chip makes an adorable name for your small breed dog.

36. Maurice

Belles father from Beauty and the Beast, Maurice makes a wonderful name for your docile, easy-going, dog.

37. Abu

The cheeky monkey and Aladdin’s faithful sidekick, Abu is ideal for your small breed, like a Jack Russel or Yorkshire Terrier.

38. Rajah

A beautiful name for a dog, mirroring the beautiful elegant tiger belonging to Jasmine from Aladdin.

39. Simba

The Lion King, is an ideal name for your bundle of fur.

40. Huck

Or Huckleberry, for the Adventures of Huck Finn, this is an unusual name for your pet pooch. Perfect for your Husky or Cockerpoo.

41. Woody

Classic cowboy Woody, from Toy Story, an ideal name for any dog breed of any size!

42. Buzz

Buzz from Toy Story is another great name for your male dog.

43. Rex

Named after the dinosaur in Toy Story, Rex would suit a large breed dog like a Bernese Mountain dog, a Great Dane or and Otterhound.

44. Mushu

The hilarious dragon from Mulan, you wont find many dogs named Mushu! Try it for your small dog.

45. Sully

The loveable monster from Monsters Inc, a big furry bundle of fur, a perfect dog name.

46. Marlin

Nemo’s dad from finding Nemo, Marlin is a handsome name for a dog.

47. Crush

The ‘awesome’ ‘narly’ turtle from Finding Nemo, Crush is such a cool name for your furry, best friend!

48. Nigel

Nigel is the helpful Pelican from Finding Nemo. Another brilliant example of a human name suited to a dog!

49. Dash

Got an active, fast dog? Look no further than Dash from The Incredibles for his name!!

50. Mcqueen

Lightening’s surname, makes an unusual, but brilliant dog name!

51. Hudson

From the movie Cars, Hudson is vintage car, that makes a good name for a more stately, distinguished dog, like a Great Dane or Newfoundland.

52. Mack

Mack is the loyal transporter that takes Lightening McQueen to all his races. What better name for your loyal, furry friend.

53. Tex

A smooth talking car from Cars, Tex is a wonderful name for any breed of dog.

54. Bruce

The hilarious, villainous but fun shark from Finding Nemo, Bruce is a cute name for your pup – whatever shape or size!

55. Wilbur

Wilbur is the trusty, loveable seagull from The Rescuers, that helps Bernard and Bianca get home – what better name for your reliable pet.

56. Sparrow

Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean – Sparrow is an unusual name for a dog – especially a smaller breed such as a Greyhound or Whippet.

57. Barbossa

Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean, makes an interesting and unusual name for a dog.

58. Alfredo

Shy and timid, but loveable, Alfredo from Ratatouille, makes a good name for your dog.

59. Linguine

As does Alfredo’s surname – Linguine, is such an unusual name, you will be the only one in the park calling it out!

60. Remy

Ratatouilles dad, Remy is a lovely French inspired name.

61. Bolt

Got an active pup? Bolt says it all! The loveable, playful and loyal dog from the movie of the same name makes a great name!

62. Russel

Russel is the sweet natured boy scout from Up, and would suit any dog, but I’m particularly picturing a shaggy dog, like an Old English Sheepdog, a Briard or an Otterhound.

63. Dug

The wonderful speaking dog, from Up, Dug is a cute, friendly, helpful pup in the film, so a great name for your hound!

64. MacGuffin

A character from Brave, MacGuffin is an ideal dog name – I picture him with a tartan collar and lead!

65. Fergus

Another Scottish character from Brave, Fergus is a great dogs name, especially for a West Highland Terrier or Scottish Terrier.

66. Dingwall

A suitor of Merida in Brave, Dingwall is somewhat a dreamer, and appears a little lost. Nonetheless, a good name for a dog!

67. Macintosh

Macintosh – or Mac for short – is another Scots character from the movie Brave.

68. Felix

Fix it Felix, a cute little character from Wreck it Ralph, would suit any size dog, but especially a smaller breed.

69. Ralph

And Wreck it Ralph himself – an ideal name for a large dog breed.

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels. A Dalmatian puppy wearing a checked bandana.  101 Disney Inspired dog names.

Disney Inspired Female Dog Names

70. Aurora

Sleeping Beauty herself, a perfect name for your little princess.

71. Fauna

The green fairy from Sleeping Beauty, Fauna is a sweet and unusual name for your dog.

72. Duchess

Actually the cat from The Aristocats, but will also make an ideal name for your girl.

73. Winnie

From Winnie the Pooh of course, and a lovely ‘old lady’ name, Winnie is a lovely name for your girl dog.

74. Ariel

The Little Mermaid, gives you a lovely name to call out for your pet pooch.

75. Belle

From Beauty and The Beast, and literally translated to ‘beautiful’, Belle suits any breed of female dog.

76. Bianca

One of the rescuers, Bianca makes an unusual and sweet name for your dog.

77. Dot

The adorable little flea from A Bugs Life, Dot is such a cute name for a girl dog.

78. Tinkerbell

The loyal fairy to Peter Pan, Tinkerbell would suit a small dog breed, like a Chihuahua or a Shih Tzu.

79. Tiger lily

Tiger Lily is the beautiful young red Indian girl in Peter Pan, and makes an unusual and pretty name for your dog.

80. Nana

The faithful, Newfoundland from Peter Pan, that helped look after the Darling children, what better name for your own furry guardian.

81. Mittens

So Mittens was the cheeky cat from Bolt, but would also suit a dog, especially one with different colour paws to the rest of her coat.

82. Odie

Mama Odie, the kind, but wacky, Voodoo priestess in The Princess and the Frog, makes an unusual but pretty name for your pet.

83. Dottie

A cute, little forklift truck from Planes, Dottie is an adorable name for you furry girl.

84. Marshmallow

The enormous snow monster from Frozen, Marshmallow, doesn’t sound nearly as scary as it’s character. Perfect for a big white fluffy dog!

85. Riley

The main character from Inside Out, Riley makes a really sweet name for your pup.

86. Hopps

Judy Hopps, from Zootopia, is a feisty, confident and determined fox, and Hopps makes a good name for your confident pup.

87. Bonnie

Bonnie Hopps is Judy’s mum in Zootopia, and a cute name for a little girl dog.

88. Boo

The little girl that comes across the monsters in Monsters Inc, Boo is an adorable name for any dog breed.

89. Lady Kluck

A hilarious character from Robin Hood, Lady Kluck is Maid Marion’s lady in waiting – what an unusual and brilliant name for your dog!

90. Mim

Madame Mim is a crazy character in The Sword in the Stone, I think Mim is a perfect – and unusual – female dog name.

91. Gazelle

The beautiful and lithe character from Zootopia, this name could suit, a slimmer dog like a Greyhound, Sloughi or a Saluki

92. Priscilla

The sloth that works in the DMV in Zootopia, Priscilla is a funny character, that makes a good name for your female dog.

93. Tiana

The beautiful Princess from The Princess and the Frog, a pretty name, ideal to name your pooch.

94. Bailey

The adorable Beluga Whale from Finding Dory, Bailey makes a good name for a girl or boy dog.

95. Lilo

From, of course, Lilo and Stitch, a quirky name for your pup!

96. Minnie

One of the main stars of Disney and an adorably cute name for your little girl dog.

97. Nala

From the Lion King, Nala is a popular name for a dog.

98. Willow

A wise tree, Willow is from Pochahontas, and would suit a Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel or Beagle.

99. Violet

From The Incredibles, Violet is a delightful name for a puppy.

100. Elsa

A popular name, Elsa is of course from Frozen.

101. Bambi

From the film of the same name, Bambi is a lovable name for any dog breed.

Photo by Simona Kidrič from Pexels. An adorable white dog lying down, wearing pink tinted sunglasses. 101 Disney Inspired Dog Names.

What to consider when choosing a name for a dog.

You shouldn’t take picking your dogs name lightly! And there are a few things that you should consider when choosing the name.

Calling it’s name

You need to bear in mind that you will be calling the dog, a fair bit, especially if it is a puppy, and at times you might find yourself, shouting, or potentially screeching the name – in the beginning anyway!  How does the name you choose sound at a high pitch, or if you have to call it repeatedly?!

The dog’s temperament

Take into consideration the temperament of your dog.  Have you got a playful puppy?  Is the dog sweet natured and calm? Is it a docile dog or very active? Are you re-homing a rescue dog?    All these things can be considered when choosing the name.  For example, I think Remus is a perfect name for an older dog, perhaps a rescue dog, while Bucky or Bolt, would suit a playful active puppy! You can choose the name to match the dog’s disposition.

The size of the dog

Most names suit any size dog, but it might be something you want to consider when choosing the name. Names such as Fauna, Barbossa or Rajah may be better suited a large dog breed, while a smaller breed matches well, with Dash, Mushu, Minnie or Mim . A miniature dog breed could be called Dot, Abu or Chip.

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